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I was only a kid……….. by Gill Daws

I clearly remember going to BIBA Kensington with my mum and big sister. We used to go to London every year for holidays, every year I would pray I’d grown enough to have a realistic chance of buying (or begging my mum to buy for me) their clothes.I bought their make-up and other things which didn’t rely on my age/size. I still have some of it, including a BIBA diary and my pride and joy………my BIBA address book. I

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still use it!!! It’s a bit battered now (must be 40 now) but it’s still possible to see the gold BIBA logo on the front.On my last visit before it closed down (sob sob!) I bought a white crochet skull cap, which was a little too big, but I reasoned with mum I would grow into it. I’ve still got that too!My mum owns the family jewels……a bottle of BIBA wine unopened.

My name by Biba Richardson

My name is Biba Richardson. I am 11 years old. I was named after the Biba shop because when my mum was little her mother used to tell her about the shop in London with the flamingos and it sounded like her idea of heaven and so she called me Biba after that memory.I have


a few original Biba items that my mum has found in charity shops over the years.

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